Taking the hard out of doing SEO work

Who is this for

SEO Assist is for thought leaders...

 who need to share their voice and get found in this crowded noisy world and they plan to use Google and other search engines to help them do it.

Content Creation is a key to building and audience and growing a business with SEO. But you don't want just any content you need content based on what people are already searching for and you need to answer the critical  questions that lead them from visitors to buyers. 

We help you create content that says what people are looking for in your own words and voice.

Podcasters and Youtubers

Podcast SEO is often overlooked, let SEO Assist help you

  • write SEO driven show notes

  • Pic episode topics

  • Draft letter for potential guess

  • List your podcast in our directory and get more exposure to amazing potential guest and listeners

Course / Membership Site Creators

SEO Assist can help you create content that gives

  • Create content that gives them a taste of what they’ll learn in your program
  • Craft call to action that get people ready to join your list and programs
  • Track what’s working and what topics people need the most from you
  • Find backlink opportunities to boost SEO

Coaches/ Speakers

Share your voice with the people searching for it using SEO Assist

  • Grow your audience  with content and SEO
  • Find topics people are searching for
  • Put your unique voice into the content you put out there
  • Connect with podcasts for backlink opportunities
  • Track what’s working and what topics people need the most from you