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Podcast Details

  • Woman Hosted
  • LBGTQIA hosted
Who would make a good guest?

A suitable guest would be someone who is willing to open up about their personal experiences and share the lessons they've learned from life's challenges. For example, Breast Cancer Survivors, Mental Health Advocates, Relationship Experts, Parenting Coaches or Inspirational Parents, Self-Discovery and Personal Growth Enthusiasts, Advocates for Body Positivity and Acceptance, and Experts in Vulnerability and Resilience would make great guests and provide excellent insights.

Additional Information

There are a few additional things to keep in mind:

1. **Authenticity is Key:** The podcast is all about authenticity and unfiltered conversations. Potential guests should be willing to share their genuine stories and experiences. This means being open and honest about their struggles, triumphs, and personal growth journey.

2. **Relevance to the Podcast Theme:** It's important for potential guests to understand the core theme of the podcast, which revolves around embracing one's authentic self, finding mental wellness, and thriving through life's ups and downs. Their stories and expertise should align with these topics.

3. **Unique Perspective:** The podcast aims to bring diverse perspectives to its audience. Potential guests should highlight what makes their story or expertise unique and how it can resonate with the listeners. Sharing a fresh and compelling angle can increase the chances of being selected.

4. **Clear Talking Points:** When pitching to be on the show, potential guests should outline the main talking points they would like to cover during the interview. This helps the podcast host understand the relevance of the guest's story and ensures a well-structured and engaging conversation.

5. **Connection to the Audience:** Explain how the guest's story or insights can positively impact the podcast's audience. Demonstrating an understanding of the podcast's target audience and how the guest's contribution can be valuable to them will be appreciated.

6. **Availability and Commitment:** Potential guests should express their availability and commitment to participate in the podcast interview. This includes being punctual for recording, responsive to communication, and willing to promote the episode once it's live.

7. **Engaging Communication Style:** Since the podcast thrives on meaningful conversations, potential guests should demonstrate an engaging and articulate communication style. This helps ensure that the interview will be interesting and impactful for the listeners.

8. **No Self-Promotion Overload:** While it's natural for guests to promote their work or projects, it's essential to strike a balance. The primary focus should be on sharing insights and stories that genuinely resonate with the audience rather than excessive self-promotion.

9. **Respect for Boundaries:** Some topics discussed on the podcast can be sensitive and deeply personal. Potential guests should be mindful and respectful of the host's and the audience's boundaries during the conversation.