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The Power of Long-form Content For Entrepreneurs Marketing on Social Media

In today’s digital marketing world, the importance of online visibility for businesses cannot be overstated. As an entrepreneur, you may have found yourself lost in the sea of social media, tirelessly creating short sound bites and clips to gain traction for your business. But so many entrepreneurs are going about it the wrong way

I often joke about renaming my brand from ‘Girl Get Visible’ to ‘Girl Stop Hiding Your Greatness in these 60-second clips and long FB posts’. LMAO

It’s a mouthful, but it gets at the heart of what many entrepreneurs struggle with – truly maximizing their content.

Many are skipping over the importance of repurposing and creating evergreen blog website content from your social media post.

In this post, I’ll dive into 3 ways to maximize your content creation strategy to have a longer-lasting impact and grow your business without the stress of creating over and over for social media.

Let’s talk about

  • understanding visibility dynamics on social media platforms
  • reframing your content creation strategy
  • and leveraging evergreen blogs as a strategy for scaling up your business.

Understanding visibility dynamics on social media platforms

it’s crucial to understand that visibility dynamics on social media platforms don’t work as most people think they do. The reality is that audiences are not drawn by short sound bites or clips alone. They need context – they want to know more about who you are before they commit their attention span to your bite-sized content pieces. This could mean having read a book by you or having followed your blog or YouTube channel consistently. If they don’t have a longer piece of content to anchor their attention to your brand then you are just another 10-60 sec clip in the see of many they will scroll by and see that day.

I remember when I first started out with ‘Girl Get Visible’, thinking that posting numerous short clips would get me instant recognition. However, it was only after putting out longer-form content like podcasts and blogs that I began seeing substantial engagement from my audience.

With this in mind, the only way to get the attention that converts from your content is to post a lot each day so it adds up to long-form content or creates more long-form content so they have one full thing to consume. Think of it like your social are the commercials and your blog or videos are the episode.

Now that we understand the type of content that will convert, let’s talk about how to implement and leverage this content in your business.

Reframing how you approach your content creation strategy

Many entrepreneurs get caught up in constantly producing new material without fully utilizing what they already have created. If you find yourself falling into this trap – constantly generating new 60-second videos or lengthy Facebook posts then it’s time to put some of your efforts into repurposing your content now creating more.

Here are a few examples of what that repurposing can look like

  • A social post can become a ‘Story’ or ‘Trending topic’ blog post
  • An IG series can be a ‘5 Ways to Do This’ blog post
  • Steps in your IG Story can become a ‘How-to’ blog
  • The questions you answer on a post can become a Q&A blog post
  • A social post about your struggles could become a ‘Mistakes to Avoid’ post
  • All of your blogs can be repurposed into 10-20 social posts each

If you look at your content creation Strategy differently you’ll see how you can save time and effort by maximizing the content you already have.

Using Evergreen Blogs as a Strategy for scaling up your business and selling more products

Finally, one strategy that has been transformative for me and many others is leveraging evergreen blogs. Evergreen blogs are blogs that continue to remain relevant and useful over time, consistently driving traffic to your website.

The beauty of evergreen blogs is that they help you scale up your business by selling more on autopilot. When you have different blogs attracting your audience with different needs it’s much easier to drive traffic to the products and services to meet those needs.

For example, on one of my blogs I had a post about finding wholesalers for Online Boutiques, and in the blog was a link to a product selling a Wholesalers’ Listing. The product perfectly aligned with someone who would be looking for an article about Wholesalers and so it sold the product on autopilot.  I continue to do this on all of my sites with evergreen content that leads to lead magnets and products.

Adding evergreen content to your content strategy is essential to any online business that wants to remain consistent and sustainable.

One of the ways I’ve been able to automate these repurposing strategies in my Content creation is by using some of the features in SEO Assist.

SEO Assist has built-in features to take my social posts and create meaningful blog posts, to take my blogs and make multiple social posts, and to help me craft different types of evergreen blog posts to create more content that scales.

If you’re tired of feeling invisible despite all the work you put into social media, it’s time for a change. It’s time to stop hiding your greatness in 60-second clips or long social posts and start maximizing your content SEO Assist is the best tool to help you implement your strategy.