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Podcast Pitching

Podcast Pitching Service

This podcast pitching service is for busy thought leaders who want the benefits of being a podcast guest, but don't have the time to put together a good podcast tour to get their knowledge out there. 

What makes us different:

We’re podcasters, we know what podcasters are looking for and use our unique knowledge of the industry and audience to match you with shows that will help build your audience and authority.

We’re SEO Superstars   podcasting isn’t just for short-term visibility, but can long-term SEO benefits, helping you create a lasting digital footprint that Google loves to follow

We’re digital entrepreneurs too. In addition to the awesome tools and services you see here at SEO Assist, we have a digital course and membership business. This means WE KNOW what today's digital entrepreneur needs. You’re not podcasting guesting for the fun of it, you want to grow your business, sales, and conversions. When we look for shows we look at those that would love to have you on their show and their show will enrich your businesses authority and online presence 

What's Included

This is a 90 day engagement  which includes

  • 45 min position call session - understand your story and goals to pull out the best topics to pitch you for and the best shows to connect you with
  • Market research- find shows that fits with your audience and goals
  • Craft pitch topics 7-10
  • Curate a list of 15 podcast
  • Craft perfect pitch letter (aligning your topics with the show’s audience and needs)
  • Send letters and 2 follow ups
  • Pitch Tracker (will include names and url of shows, not the emails)
  • Pitches accepted with in 60 days we’ll create a show summary sheet to prep you for the interview
  • $2500

The  Process

  • Phase 1 Positioning
  • Phase 2 research 
  • Phase 3 outreach
  • Phase 4  follow-up
  • Phase 5 connect and Prep

Let us build out your next Podcast tour

Starting at $3000