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What does AI mean to SEO Assist?

Unless you’ve been under a rock or a very snuggly pillow, you’ve probably heard of AI and Chat GPT. Being an SEO App focused on content creation and helping you do the work of SEO, we get asked a lot about being an AI tool and our use of use AI.

The short answer is we use AI, but we do not give AI-only content.

We’ve been building and testing with open AI (the source behind Chat GPT) for months and we are excited to introduce more AI power into the tool. Unlike Chat GPT which is like an open book that you don’t know what to write, our flows are designed to ask specific questions and give you results based on your expertise and knowledge. Instead of saying we write AI content, it’s best to describe what we do so that we enhance your thoughts with AI.

We’ve found this format to be really useful for our audience of thought leaders (speakers, podcasters, YouTubers, coaches, course creators, and saas companies). These niches depend on sharing their own knowledge and often struggle with AI tools because they write 100% for you and don’t allow incorporating the right amount of your unique words and perspective on the content. SEO Assist is good alternative to Chat GPT, Jarvis, and other AI writing tools in this use case.

We use our Q&A format to ask you the questions that will create the best content for you. We also maintain that your voice is the most important part of your content, we’ve designed the tool and our AI-powered flows to use your original thoughts and words, we are writing with you, not just for you.

Thought leaders need to have thoughts and SEO Assist is committed to helping you get them out there.

Another major advantage of our tool is that we incorporate several data sets into our tool, including data from Open AI, several SEO tools, and our own proprietary data, so in using SEO Assist you are truly getting content that is unique to you and your brand.

We are happy to answer any other questions you have about our tool and AI capabilities at info@SEOAssist.com

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