Live Podcast Pitch Fest Training

Create, write, and execute your Q1 podcast visibility plan all in 1 day!!!

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Why you need this Pitch Fest Workshop

You deserve to get seen and found as the expert you are and being a guest on Podcast is the #1 day to do it. 

Being a podcast Guest helps you:

  • Boost SEO getting backlinks to your site
  • Opens you up to new audiences to experience your brillance
  • Build your online resume of shows and sites you've been featured on
  • Long term boost your online presence as the show gets listened to for years and weeks to come

What You’ll learn and Do in this Workshop

This isn't your average sit-and-watch workshop, with this hands-on experience we'll over the strategy to research, write, and send pitches to dozens of podcasts at a time and then we'll do it.

Don't leave with just a head full of new information, instead leave with the pitches done and sent

  • In the workshop we’ll research and find the right shows to pitch, that will boost your visibility and SEO.
  • Find the right topics to pitch to these shows to increase the chances of your pitch getting accepted.
  • Use our groundbreaking tool to write your pitch and follow up letter so you can send on the spot.
  • Get expert feedback on your pitch The mixture of training. coaching, and feedback will give you the opportunity to get Akilah's input on your work to ensure you're on track
  • Cyber Week BONUS: Being a DOPE Guest Expert training. Once they accept the pitch you'll need to know how to prepare, how rock the interview questions, and the do's and don'ts to prepare your funnel for long term sales. 

About your trainer Akilah

Author of My SEO Workbook, founder of SEO Assist, and host of Girl Get Visible site and podcast. I’ve helped 1000s of businesses get found online with SEO and learn how to leverage their rankings and content to get visible, build authority, and get customers with ease.

Akilah Thompkins-Robinson

SEO Expert & Tech Founder

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