SEO Assist & Content Accountability Crew

Creating Long Form Content has gotten...

  • more complicated (to know what and how to write)
  • More time consuming (to research and get the right words and info)
  • More tedious (to write and create for multiple platforms)

But it's also....

  • More important to grow your authority
  • Critical to helping you stand out
  • Essential to stream lining your message across platforms
  • More reliable in bring the right people to your site
  • More options  with the types of content you can create

You Could...

Hire a cheaper content writing services- Cost $0.10 a word, 600 words a blog, 4 blogs a month $240. And you still that may not be familiar with your subject matter. Lots of errors and rework. Cost increase as you want more Content. And Only blogs no other platform

With SEO Assist you get

A tool that....

  • saves time
  • Doesn’t just write for you it writes with you
  • Empowers you and your team
  • Gives you consistent repeatable results
  • Helps you every step of the  way from idea generation to content creation to …
  • All with SEO and your expertise in mind
  • Unlimited topic idea generation  in multiple SEO based formats
  • Unlimited content creation multiple SEO friendly post styles
  • Unlimited content repurposing (content created in and out side the tool)
    • Podcast directory
    • Podcast pitch and show notes creator (whether your a guest or host we have both) 
    • Metrics tracking log
    • Call to action generator
    • New templates and flows add monthly

    Content Accountability Crew

    • 6 Months Content Accountability Crew ($499 value)
    • 1 CoWorking call a month
    • 1 Checkin Call a month
    • Personalized Feedback on 2 posts a month
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    Content Accountability Crew & SEO Assist Bundle


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    When you get the SEO Assist and the Crew

      • 6 Month Accountability Crew (Value $499)
      • Monthly Checking and CoWorking Calls
      • Feedback on 2 pieces of content a Month
      • Humanizing AI WorkShop in May ($199 Value)
      • 1 year SEO Assist ($699 Value)
      • Unlimited content creation
      • Access to the podcast directory with 100+ podcasts
      • Content repurposes
      • Topic idea generator
      • Discounts and pass to GGV Z events and event replay
      • BONUS: Replays of this weeks Authority Elevation Challenge Videos and Resources 
      • 1 free team license ($499 Value)

    "SEO Assist where your expertise and Systems meet"